Precision System

  • Precision system with planetary gearbox TP+, Premium Class+ pinion and Premium Class rack
  • Advanced Linear System with hypoid gearbox TPK+

Die Lösung für hochdynamische und präzise High-End-Anwendungen

Niedriges Verdrehspiel, hohe Steifigkeit und geringe Teilungsfehler gewährleisten die Genauigkeit, die unsere Kunden von Antriebssystemen erwarten.


Customized solutions

We will be happy to develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our comprehensive service catalog. Please contact us.

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The Precision System wins customers over with:

  • Maximum positioning accuracy with a single drive
  • Potential cost reduction with no need of direct measurement systems
  • Unprecedented precision in master/slave configuration
  • Applications include laser machines and milling machines.

Planetary gearbox TP+ (high torque) Premium Class+ pinion and Premium Class rack

Gearbox max. feed force [N]max. speed [m/min] 
TP+0254,100 150
TP+05010,500 200
TP+110 20,000233
TP+500 40,200190

The system is also available with bevel gearboxes TPK+, TPC+ and actuator version RPM+.

For even greater precision, racks with linear and gantry sorting are available.