The alpha Value Line impresses with economical and flexible solutions with backlash less than or equal to 8 arcmin. For example, the planetary and bevel gearboxes of the NP and NPK series are suitable for a wide range of applications thanks to numerous ratios and output versions – our “Individual Talents” give you new design freedom!

The alpha Value Line planetary and bevel gearboxes

Every detail counts

Unique modularity in this segment

With five series including five different output interfaces, the NP and NPK series offers maximum flexibility. From a simple machine connection using a B5 or B14 output flange to a flange connection or adjustment via slotted holes.

High economy

The gearboxes of the alpha Value Line are very economical to purchase, unbea¬tably efficient in operation, and mainte¬nance free over their entire service life. 

High flexibility

Modular configuration of the interfaces to the motor and to the application. The gearboxes are available with different clamping hub diameters, drive stages, design and mounting options. 

Highest power density

The HIGH TORQUE version provides gearboxes with the highest power density. 

Flexible motor connection

Mounting of all common servo motors by means of a flexible and screw-fastened adapter plate. Large number of motor shaft diameters connectable.

Fast sizing

Efficient online sizing within seconds in the SIZING ASSISTANT on the basis of the application data or the motor. 

  • NP planetary gearbox with LP+ output geometry

  • NPK bevel gearbox with smooth shaft

  • NPL planetary gearbox with reinforced bearings and B14 output geometry

  • NPLK bevel gearbox with reinforced bearings and B14 output geometry  

  • NPS planetary gearbox with SP+ output geometry

  • NPSK bevel gearbox with SP+ output geometry

  • NPT planetary gearbox with TP+ output geometry

  • NPTK bevel gearbox with TP+ output geometry

  • NPR planetary gearbox with slot holes for optimal rack and pinion mounting

  • NPRK bevel gearbox with slot holes for optimal rack and pinion mounting

Efficiency in any axis

The alpha Value Line is universally suitable: it represents the most economical solution whatever the requirements for driving any axis in virtually any industry.

System solutions

Value Linear Systems with planetary gearboxes NP / NPL / NPS / NPR and bevel gearboxes NPK / NPLK / NPSK / NPRK

Value Linear System with NPR planetary gearbox and bevel gearbox NPRK

Rack and pinions for the system

Perfect lubrication for a perfect system

NPS planetary gearbox in combination with metal bellows coupling

NP planetary gearbox in combination with elastomer coupling

NPR planetary gearbox with timing belt pulley

Low-backlash planetary and servo right-angle gearboxes for all classes

Value performance classes

WITTENSTEIN alpha develops complete, single-supplier solutions for driving any axis. They can be used in virtually any application – from high-precision axes in machine tools and manufacturing systems to packaging machinery where maximum productivity is a must. The name WITTENSTEIN alpha is synonymous with premium quality and optimal reliability, high precision and synchronization accuracy, maximum power density, a long lifetime and very simple motor mounting.

More than just gearboxes

Sizing tools


Technical data and 3D data in a few clicks

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The optimum gearbox within seconds

Find suitable gearboxes


cymex® 5

Sizing Tool for the entire drive train.

Detailed sizing of complete drive trains

Sizing & consultation

cymex® (cyber motion explorer)

Sizing of the entire drive train

  • Detailed calculation of complete drive trains
  • Precise simulation of motion and load variables
  • Downloadable software for complex designs

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Customized logistics solutions

We handle the complete shipment for you

In time-critical situations, we ensure immediate and professional pick-up as well as the fastest possible delivery of drives in need of repair.

Benefits for you:

  • Cost savings because downtime is minimized
  • Professional logistics organization
  • Reduced transport risks through customized, direct delivery

After-sales services


Speedy deliveries

We offer you delivery of the standard SP+ , TP+ and LP+ Generation 3 series within 24 or 48 hours ex works at attractive conditions.* Benefit now from the short-term availability of our V-Drive servo worm gearbox and the alpha Value Line planetary and bevel gearboxes.

Benefits for you:

  • Minimum re-stocking times and very fast response time in case of unplanned requirements
  • Maximum reliability through transparent information flows and dependable processing

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