The servo actuator platform

Absolute precision meets perfect movement

The central idea behind the first fully scalable servo-actuator platform from WITTENSTEIN is an uncom-promising flexibility from the viewpoint of the user. Motors and gearboxes with application-related graduated performance characteristics can be configured modularly to individual individual servo actuators. The result is a modular system that is significantly more versatile and more individual with regard to performance for the most diverse applications, that meets almost all the challenges of automation, integration and industry specification.

More flexible, more efficient, more productive

  • premo® – rotary servo actuators

    The core of the motor/ gearbox unit is a torsionally rigid precision gearbox with low back-lash and excellent torque density in conjunction with the equally powerful, permanently excited synchronous servo motor, which guarantees low cogging and a constant speed through the distributed winding.

  • premo® SP Line – the basic class

    Optimum performance for all positioning tasks: Short cycle times through low backlash and high rigidity – Very good positioning accuracy – Basic equipment with smooth output shaft and resolver

  • premo® TP Line – the dynamic class

    Precision for positioning and processing tasks – High torsional rigidity and low backlash enable high acceleration and control quality – Basic equipment with output flange and HIPERFACE® absolute encoder, single-turn, SIL 2

  • premo® XP Line – the extra class

    Versatile in almost all sectors: Maximum power density with high torsional rigidity and radial forces – Basic equipment with smooth output shaft and HIPERFACE® DSL absolute encoder, single-turn, SIL2

Power spectrum

The premo servo actuator generation also opens up new dimensions in terms of performance: doubled power density on minimized installation space, increased productivity and optimized energy efficiency thanks to digital, single-cable technology provide for more freedom during planning, design and storage as well as lower investment costs.

The modular system for individual requirements

Thanks to the modularity of the intelligent premo platform, motors and gearboxes with application-related graduated performance characteristics can be configured to individual servo actuators units.


Select from the standard lubrication with oil or grease as well as foodstuff-compatible grease and oil.

Temperature sensor

Choose from PTC or KTY.

Operating voltage

Depending on the application and servo amplifier, windings for 320 and 560 V DC are available.

Electrical connection

Straight or right-angled version and single-cable connection for DSL protocol.

Gearbox model

Within the relevant line, there are different versions of output and housing flange.


In order to improve precision, the gearbox backlash can be optionally reduced.

Holding brake

A suitable permanent-magnet holding brake adapted to the motor power is available.

Encoder systems

In addition to the standard version optional encoder systems with the protocols EnDAT 2.1, EnDAT 2.2, HIPERFACE®, HIPERFACE DSL® and DRIVE-CLiQ are available.

Your requirement – Our solution

  • Increased productivity / higher overall equipment effectiveness

    All external surfaces with smooth, hygienic design

    Quick-fastening connector for fast installation

    Conical cover without screws

    Robust bearing with

    long service life


  • Simplified machine design

    Flexible gearbox interface suitable for any application

    Reduced wiring requirement through single-cable technology

    with digital encoder


  • Reliability / service life

    Conical cover without screws

    Reduced wiring requirement through single-cable technology

    with digital encoder

    Brake with increased

    holding torque

    Robust bearing with

    long service life

  • Safety

    Reduced wiring requirement through single-cable technology

    with digital encoder


    Brake with increased

    holding torque




In order to increase the productivity of a system, the cycle time for the time-critical axis must above all be reduced. This is to be achieved not only with an increased acceleration torque for reduction of the dynamic time slices, but also through increased rigidity for improved transient response. The following example of a packaging machine shows that a premo TP Line BG3 with 20% higher acceleration torque and 30% more torsional rigidity with comparable energy requirement achieves a significant increase in productivity. The movement path of 50 mm in the time-critical axis is completed 50 ms faster, which corresponds to a production increase of 29%.

Energy consumption

The investment costs for the drive train and the running operating costs can be positively influenced through socalled downsizing. The aim is to achieve lower energy consumption using a smaller drive and therefore a smaller servo controller for the same productivity. This solution here is a lower moment of inertia with, at the same time, higher rigidity. Example: Delta robot using a premo TP Line FS2, the same result is achieved as with the significantly larger motor of a market competitor. The high rigidity of the servo actuator together with the lower moment of inertia enables the use of a smaller motor. At 6.5 A, the current consumption of the premo FS2 is approx. 50% below that of a comparable product. This enables the selection of servo controller and supply module that are one level smaller, which involves significant savings potential in the 3-axis application.

Flexibility and performance

In comparison with the proven TPM series, the new premo servo actuators exhibit significantly greater flexibility and performance potential. The interface to the machine can be designed in different versions. The interface to the servo controller offers almost unlimited connection options through the voltage range up to 750 V DC and the wide selection of analog and digital encoders. Regarding performance the premo actuator generation offers more torque and power at minimized space.

Sector-specific high performance

The short installation lengths of the premo servo actuators facilitate integration in tight mounting situations in different sectors.

Typical fields of application

  • Delta robot (axes 1–3, swivel axis)
  • Handling portal (Z-axis, swivel/rotating axis)
  • Machine tool reaming (rotating axes A–C, tool changer)
  • Tubular bag packaging (incl. jaw stroke, sealing jaw, blade)
  • Folding carton packaging (incl. assembly/folding, filling valve)
  • Plastic thermoform (tool axis)



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