premo® SP Line rotary servo actuators

  • premo® SP Line copes with its task thanks to the high power-to-weight ratio and excellent dynamics.

  • Less prone to fouling due to smooth surfaces and conical cover without screws.

The entry level class

  • Especially suitable for positioning tasks
  • Short cycle times
  • Special benefits with moving axes: the low weight and short overall length
  • Mechanical interface with output shaft
  • Ideal for connecting couplings, toothed belt pulleys and pinions
  • In addition to the smooth shaft version, key and splined shaft versions are also available
  • Electric interface with resolver as standard

Customized solutions

We will develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You will benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our services. Please contact us.

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  • Technical data
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Product type PBG
Ratio c) 16 - 100
Number of sizes 3

Max. backlash c)

jt [arcmin]Standard

≤ 5


≤ 3

Max. torqueT2a [Nm]32 - 315
Max. input speedn1Max [rpm]375
Torsional rigidityCt21 [Nm/arcmin]31
Max. tilting momentM2KMax [Nm]487
Operating voltageUD [V DC]320   560

c) In relation to reference sizes

Digital encoder
Single-cable connection
Holding brake
Output shape 
Smooth shaft

Shaft with key d)

Splined shaft (DIN 5480)


Food-grade lubrication a) b)
System solutions 
Linear system (rack / pinion)
Accessory (please refer to the product pages for further information) 
Shrink disc
Power cable, Signal cable, Hybrid cable

a) Performance reduction: Technical data available on request

b) Please contact WITTENSTEIN alpha

d) Performance reduction: Please use our sizing software cymex® for a detailed sizing – cymex® 

Your benefits

Improved efficiency

The low moment of inertia and high power density mean the power which is supplied is utilized more efficiently

Smaller footprint

The short installation length of the servo actuators enables a more compact design of your machine

Enhanced productivity

The increased rigidity and dynamics generate higher output in your machine

High connectivity

The wide selection of motor encoders enables connectivity to many different servo drives.

Our know-how – your benefit

premo® SP Line – the entry level class.
Ideal solution for positioning tasks in handling applications thanks to the high power-to-weight ratio and excellent dynamics

Simplified machine design

  • Flexible gearbox interface with smooth, key or splined shaft
  • Reduced wiring due to single-cable technology with digital encoders

Increased productivity and higher OEE

  • Less prone to fouling due to smooth surfaces and conical cover without screws
  • Bayonet-coupling connector for fast installation
  • Robust bearing with long service life


  • Digital encoders with SIL2
  • Brake with enhanced holding torque

WITTENSTEIN alpha in all axes

Rotary servo actuators

WITTENSTEIN alpha develops complete, single-supplier solutions for driving any axis. They can be used in virtually any application – from high-precision axes in manufacturing systems to packaging machinery where maximum productivity is called for.
The name WITTENSTEIN alpha is synonymous with premium quality and reliability, high precision and synchronization accuracy, the highest power density, a long lifetime and very simple motor mounting.