Our service concept continues to raise the bar for service quality. We are there for you, starting from the initial concept and throughout the entire life cycle of your application.

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Our service range

Professional support for the best possible start

Reliable from the outset
All delivered products are 100-percent operational right from the start and are perfectly matched to your application environment. Our service experts support you in the installation and commissioning of complex, mechanical systems to enable a smooth start.

We provide:

  • Professional installation
  • Optimal integration of the system in your application
  • Explanation of the drive function

Profit from our knowledge
In addition to special product features, you learn to professionally install your drive system yourself. Make use of our expert knowledge and benefit from our support on-site at your plant.

Individual training course on mechanical system installation
You receive individual training on professional system installation from us regarding:

  • Preparations for rack installation
  • Professional positioning, alignment and fastening of the rack
  • Checking the mounted racks
  • Installation and mounting of the drive unit
  • Monitoring of the wear pattern and running accuracy
  • Integration of the lubrication system

Individual support for commissioning of our actuators:
We will be please to provide you with our summary instructions (Quick Startup Guides) for a large number of servo amplifiers. Here, you will find the controller-specific parameters for our actuators and information on the perfect start.

Your benefits:

  • Professional communication of knowledge
  • Maximum process reliability
  • Extremely short installation times


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