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Accessories for servo gearboxes

Integrated drive solutions with adapted accessories from a single source – couplings, shrink discs, flange shafts and mounting rings add up to optimal performance, power density and economic efficiency.

The wide range of technically adapted accessories paves the way for a complete drive system without forfeiting any of the performance. Our sizing tools help you optimize the drive holistically, so that the accessory you need can be precisely sized and selected to match the required application dynamics. 

Essential accessories for your application

Performance restrictions, unrealized power reserves and sizes which deviate from the norm are all now a thing of the past. Our portfolio includes a wide range of accessories with connection and transmission elements to enhance your system’s performance. The couplings, shrink discs and flange shafts to the application interface are optimally adapted, both technically and geometrically, to the respective gearbox series. This guarantees uncompromised performance as well as ultra-compact drive concepts, the highest levels of safety and reliability and a drive train that is fine-tuned in a harmonious servo actuator solution.

The fact that the complete gearbox and accessories can be purchased from a single source ensures lasting efficiency and adds commercial value to your system far beyond mere technical performance.

Accessories from WITTENSTEIN alpha do more than simply connect

The wide range of accessories in our portfolio enables more freedom when designing your application. From elastomer couplings for smoother running and a longer life through torque limiters which protect the drive against overload to metal bellows couplings for backlash-free and torsionally rigid transmission of acceleration torques, we have the optimum solution whatever your requirements.

Not only the couplings but also our shrink discs, in combination with highly precise hollow and blind hollow shaft gearboxes, permit ultra-compact and space saving drive concepts for mounting to the application and transmitting maximum acceleration torques. Mounting rings reduce the time for installation while the optimized screw design ensures reliable assembly. 

This perfectly adapted system creates downsizing potential, so that your drive train can be harmonized by selecting the most appropriate accessories.