The new XP+ HIGH TORQUE is the high performance addition to our XP+ family. It convinces with the highest torque density in the market and lets you implement highly dynamic applications for even shorter cycle times coupled with the highest levels of positioning accuracy. The XP+ HIGH TORQUE simultaneously creates space for even more compact and slender drive axes.

Xtreme torque capacity

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Xtreme power density

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Our webinar shows you the XP+ gearbox series and its numerous potential applications: from classic rack-and-pinion axes through lever arms to innovative turntable applications. The new XP+ HIGH TORQUE gearbox, which offers the highest torque density in the market, will be among the highlights. Using our cymex® sizing tool, we’ll demonstrate to you in a 45-minute on-demand webinar how – and in what applications – you can profit from maximum performance and compactness for all new designs.

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Excellence in two dimensions: XP+ HIGH TORQUE

Increased performance

The XP+ HIGH TORQUE planetary gearbox helps you realize enormous torque improvements – up to 72% higher – coupled with up to 54% more torsional rigidity compared to market competitors’ best products. 

What’s more, this performance-enhanced gearbox ships with a bearing that enables even the highest external forces to be absorbed. The XP+ HIGH TORQUE gives you not only more productivity but also superior process quality: 

  • Shorter cycle time because acceleration is maximized
  • Higher permissible masses and process forces take machine performance to new levels
  • Steeper acceleration ramps because there is greater jerk
  • Smoother running and higher repeatability, even with frequent changes of direction
  • Better control quality for the drive train allows faster positioning
  • Higher feed forces (linear) and lever forces (rotary) owing to the higher tilting moment capacity

Shortening cycle time in comparison

Torque increase in comparison (size 20)

Positioning in comparison

Increase lateral force in comparison (size 20)


The XP+ HIGH TORQUE has the highest torque density in the market. An up to 144% increase is possible compared to competitors’ best products. 
The option of a designed-in smaller gearbox size – referred to as “downsizing” – results in a substantial space saving. The enormous tilting moment capacity also plays a part here, because concepts for a bearing directly on the output shaft can now be realized rather than complex and cost-intensive external bearings. In other words, machines and plants can in future be designed to be even more compact. Smaller sizes and the lower weight likewise impact positively on energy efficiency (e.g. with moving axes).

  • Unmatched torque density enables smaller gearbox sizes
  • Direct rather than external bearing owing to the very high tilting moment capacity
  • Installation in minimal space as well as maximum design flexibility for your machine
  • Weight saving and higher energy efficiency in the drive train
  • Lower costs because the diversity of parts is more manageable coupled with reductions in energy consumption and assembly time
  • Optional R flange connection replaces the additional adjusting plate and simplifies assembly

Torque density in comparison (size 50)

Installation space in comparison

Optional: R-Flange with slotted holes

The XP+ HIGH TORQUE compared to the industry standard

The XP+ HIGH TORQUE is the planetary gearbox with the highest torque density in the market – coupled with the highest levels of precision and the ability to absorb even the highest external forces. The torque can be doubled compared to the industry standard without any increase in size; up to 100% more torsional rigidity and up to 2.5 times higher tilting moment capacity are simultaneously possible. 

The XP+ HIGH TORQUE is thus perfect for applications with:

  • Very short cycle times
  • Frequent changes of direction
  • Very high positioning accuracy and repeatability
  • Maximum compactness

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Digitalization with cynapse®

cynapse® expands our gearboxes with integrated sensors and digital services. Process quality can be monitored very easily and machine uptime increased – our smart digital services help you identify problems before they occur.

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Together for the optimal drive solution

We use our cymex® 5 software to obtain a complete drive train design oriented to the application. Are you an Xpert who’d like to size a drive with an XP+ gearbox yourself directly? If so, get your cymex® 5 Premium license today.
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