Mounting ring for planetary gearboxes TP+ / DP+

  • Mounting ring – the clever addition for gearbox assembly

  • Mounting ring

  • TPplanetary gearbox with mounting ring  

  • TP+ planetary gearbox with mounting ring 

The clever addition for efficient gearbox assembly

This mounting ring comprises a lightweight foam ring with a set of screws arranged on it, already adapted for the hole circle on the TP+ / DP+ flange gearboxes. The screws are coated with threadlocker and corrosion protection, and are designed with the right length for the machine bed. The mounting ring is shipped completely preassembled together with the gearbox. The preselection and provision of the correct screws considerably reduces the time for assembly.

Your benefit


  • Reduction of assembly time 
  • No sizing of screws required 
  • No additional wetting of the screws with screw locking device


Minimization of assembly errors


Saving of logistics costs

Foam ring, adapted for the hole circle on the gearbox

Delivered already fitted to the gearbox

Screws coated with threadlocker

Screws with the right length and strength class 12.9