XP+ planetary gearbox

  • XP+ planetary gearbox with smooth shaft

  • XP+ planetary gearbox with pinion and slotted holes

  • Premium Linear System with XP+ planetary gearbox with slotted holes and innovative rack INIRA®

  • XP+ planetary gearbox with R flange

  • Installation space XP+ vs. Industry standard

  • Motor mounting alpha Premium Line Planetary gearboxes 

Perfection in new dimension

The XP+ with specially designed output and extremely compact design offers new dimensions in power transmission that far exceed industry standards. The XP+ impresses with  the highest torque density in the market – coupled with maximum torsional rigidity and titling moment capacity,

  • Shorter cycle time because acceleration is maximized
  • Higher permissible masses and process forces
  • Smoother running and higher repeatability
  • Implementation of high precision linear systems
  • Installation space savings through downsizing

Please contact your responsible sales engineer or contact us for further information or CAD datas via mail info@wittenstein-alpha.com.

Together for the optimal drive solution

We use our cymex® 5 software to obtain a complete drive train design oriented to the application. Are you an Xpert who’d like to size a drive with an XP+ gearbox yourself directly? If so, get your cymex® 5 Premium license today.
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  • Technical data
  • Options
Version MFMAMC
Operating mode Cyclic operationCyclic operationContinuous operation
Ratio 3 - 1005,5 - 553 - 100
Number of sizes 544

Max. backlash c)

jt [arcmin]Standard

≤ 3

≤ 1

≤ 1

≤ 4

≤ 2

Max. torqueT2a [Nm]56 - 3840290 - 440068 - 880
Max. input speedn1Max [rpm]750075006000
Torsional rigidityCt21 [Nm/arcmin]290350290
Max. tilting momentM2KMax [Nm]325632563256

c) In relation to reference sizes

Product typeXP+XP+XP+
Output shape   
Smooth shaft
Shaft with key d) 
Splined shaft (DIN 5480)
Blind hollow shaft
System output
Input shape   
Self-contained version  


Flange with slotted holes (standard)
Food-grade lubrication a) b)
Optimized mass inertia a) 
System solutions   
Linear system (rack / pinion)
Servo actuator  
Accessory (please refer to the product pages for further information)   
Shrink disc 

a) Performance reduction: Technical data available on request

b) Please contact WITTENSTEIN alpha

d) Performance reduction: Please use our sizing software cymex® for a detailed sizing

Product highlights


Excellent torque density and rigidity reduce your cycle duration

Low maintenance

Highest quality standards guarantee a long service life and extend maintenance intervals.


The right-angle gearbox with very high breakdown torque capacity allows new machine concepts, for example a bearingless design.

Process quality

Constant low backlash over the entire service life of the gearbox coupled with high torsional rigidity enables the highest levels of positioning accuracy.


Extremely reliable gearboxes prevent cost-intensive machine breakdowns. 


The XP+ provides the highest torque density compared to the industry standard, enabling a smaller size to be used.

Outstanding toothing quality minimizes torsional backlash

Multiple output options

Specially designed output for transmitting extremely high torques, can withstand high tilting torques

Outstanding toothing quality minimizes torsional backlash

Multiple output options

Specially designed output for transmitting extremely high torques, can withstand high tilting torques

The XP+ compared to the industry standard

XP+ – Your Xtra productivity, precision and space saving

Are you looking for a gearbox far exceeding industry standards in terms of torque, breakdown torque capacity and torsional rigidity?
The XP+ in the alpha Premium Line offers numerous technical benefits that improve performance several times over, for example with very short cycle times and optimal controllability of your drive axis. This compact “powerhouse” also gives you the option of reducing the installation space still further.

WITTENSTEIN alpha in all axes

Low backlash planetary gearboxes

WITTENSTEIN alpha develops complete, single-supplier solutions for any driving axis. They can be used in virtually any application – from high-precision axes in manufacturing systems to packaging machinery where maximum productivity is required. 
The name WITTENSTEIN alpha is a byword for premium quality and reliability, high precision and synchronization accuracy, highest power density, a long lifetime and very simple motor mounting.