CVS worm gearbox

  • CVS worm gearbox with shaft with key

  • CVS worm gearbox with pinion
  • CVS worm gearbox with elastomer coupling ELC
  • Motor mounting alpha Value Line Planetary and right-angle gearboxes

The quiet endurance runner

The CVS worm gearbox of the V-Drive Basic family features an optimized output bearing tailored to the most diverse areas of application. Due to a very long operating noise together with a top price/performance ratio, this gearbox is particularly suitable for continuous operation.

Customized solutions

We will develop a solution for you that is tailored to your drive needs. You will benefit from our years of experience, our highly skilled staff and our services. Please contact us.

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Product type CVS
Version MF / MT
Ratio c) 

7 - 40

Number of sizes 3

Max. backlash c)

jt [arcmin]Standard

≤ 15

Max. torqueT2a [Nm]68 - 301
Max. input speedn1Max [rpm]6000

c) In relation to reference sizes

Output shape 
Smooth shaft

Shaft with key d)

Output on both sides
Input shape 


Food-grade lubrication
Accessory (please refer to the product pages for further information) 

d) Performance reduction: Please use our sizing software cymex® for a detailed sizing

Product highlights

Optimized output bearings

For increased requirements for the absorption of external forces, the reinforced bearing option is used.

Specially developed toothing

The operating noise during S1 operation has been minimized by means of a specially developed toothing featuring high torques, good synchronization, and very low operating noise.

Top price/performance ratio

A top price/performance ratio is achieved with short delivery times and “made in Germany” quality.

Radial shaft seal

  • Bearing package to absorb axial and radial forces
  • Very well suited to high input speeds

Input bearing

  • Bearing package to absorb axial and radial forces
  • Very well suited to high input speeds

Output bearing

Tailored to the most diverse areas of application

Metal bellows coupling

  • Completely backlash free
  • Lifetime durable and maintenance free
  • Easy assembly
  • Protects the motor through thermal linear expansion compensation


Specially developed toothing, for high torques, good synchronization, and low operating noise

WITTENSTEIN alpha in all axes

Right-angle gearboxes

WITTENSTEIN alpha develops complete, single-supplier solutions for any driving axis. They can be used in virtually any application – from high-precision axes in manufacturing systems to packaging machinery where maximum productivity is required. 
The name WITTENSTEIN alpha is a byword for premium quality and reliability, high precision and synchronization accuracy, highest power density, a long lifetime and very simple motor mounting.