Our service range

Customized logistics solution

We handle the complete shipment for you

In urgent cases, we ensure immediate and professional pick-up as well as the fastest possible delivery of your repaired drive. Pick-up and delivery can be requested independently of one another.

Return shipment couldn't be simpler – the individual steps

Step 1: Complete one of the following return forms and send it to us by email in advance.

WITTENSTEIN alpha return form (PDF)

WITTENSTEIN cyber motor return form (PDF)

WITTENSTEIN aerospace & simulation return form (PDF)

Step 2: If you would like your equipment to be picked up, we will order this for you or contact you in the case of urgent requests. Please send the completed return form together with the goods.

Step 3: Your product is checked. Depending on the findings, either repair or delivery of a new part is carried out, following your approval.

Step 4: Your fully-functional drive is returned to you – optionally by either standard or express delivery.

Your benefits

  • Cost savings through minimization of downtimes
  • Professional logistics organization
  • Reduction of transport risks through customized, direct pick-up and delivery


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