Our excellence in engineering makes your drives highly efficient

Advise – Analyze – Optimize – Realize
We’ve been in the business of developing gearboxes and gearings for more than 30 years now. With such immense experience and know-how, we are recognized experts when it comes to designing, calculating and implementing mechanical drive systems. Our engineering services range from catalog gearboxes tailored to your individual needs to customized, special-purpose gearboxes.

For extreme applications or requirements where catalog gearboxes are no longer adequate, we can also develop a customized gearbox (spur, bevel or planetary) tailored to your particular needs. If you wish, we can even design it based on a solution that already exists. Together with you, we explore new options for optimization. All customized gearboxes are manufactured in-house at our Fellbach site in high performance production processes. Characteristics like torque, speed, operating noise or displacement sensitivity are matched to each customer’s specific requirements. As an active member of the German Research Association for Power Transmission (FVA), we profit from the most recent research findings and are very well connected to several universities, with significant advantages for you, our customers.

Benefits for your application:
• Virtually no noise
• High speeds and high torques mean increased productivity
• Improved dynamics
• High efficiency
• Displacement sensitivity matched to your requirements
• Maximum precision