Individual drive solutions

From gears to gearboxes

A standard solution is not always enough for extraordinary ideas. That is why the WITTENSTEIN team is there for you – with the experience and competence to transform your vision into a complete, customized solution. 
We have been studying and developing gears and gearboxes for more than 30 years now. Thanks to this wealth of experience and know-how, we are recognized experts when it comes to designing, planning and optimizing mechanical drive solutions.  
As an active member of the German Research Association for Power Transmission (FVA), WITTENSTEIN benefits from the latest research findings and works closely with several universities, with significant advantages for its customers. 

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It's not just about product!

It's not just about product!

Our engineering team maximizes the performance of your axes.

For extreme applications where standard solutions are not enough, we develop customized spur gears (straight gears, helical gears or conical gears) and bevel gears (Gleason circular arc) tailored to your particular needs and requirements.  
Starting with your basic idea or an outline solution, we work with you to explore new ways of optimizing the load capacity, working speed, efficiency and noise excitation of spur or bevel gears. By modifying the macro and micro geometry of the teeth, we are able to obtain the optimum contact pattern for each application. 

Our strength: We optimize the gear design for different requirements

HIGH TORQUE requirements

HIGH SPEED requirements

LOW NOISE requirements

HIGH EFFICIENCY requirements

Our experts

Our experts

At WITTENSTEIN, a professional team of experts designs gears and gearboxes using the most advanced software tools such as KissSoft, FVA-Workbench, Bearinx or Ansys. In some cases, proprietary strategies are supported by self-written programs. The components are modelled using Siemens’ NX 3D CAD system.

From virtual models to advanced production processes

From virtual models to advanced production processes

Working with production and quality assurance, we develop production-compatible drawings based on virtual gear models, with definitions of the required contact and clamping surfaces. If possible, we use existing tools and clamping devices for designing and manufacturing prototypes. Do you need particular tooth geometries? No problem: we can provide them thanks to our highly flexible production process.

Product capabilities

Bevel Gears

Bevel Gears

Bevel gears from WITTENSTEIN alpha are all about maximum precision, load capacity and low noise. 
Using our closed-loop, high-precision production system, we develop and manufacture spiral and hypoid bevel gears with milled or ground designs. 
In addition to this, we have years of experience in the areas of bevel gear design and optimization. For special applications, we offer series production of DIN Q1 products.


Gearing type:Gleason circular arc (other processes on request)
Module:0.8 - 8 mm
Diameter:Outer diameter of up to 275 mm




Spur Gear

Spur Gear

Using various production processes, straight toothing gears, helical toothing gears and conical toothing gears can be produced with a range of geometries and to different quality standards.  
WITTENSTEIN alpha is a system supplier for gears designed to meet high demands, e.g. in high-torque, high-speed and low-noise applications. 
We are also experts for spur gears in basic designs for prototype and series applications. 


Gearing type:Straight, helical, conical
Module:0.3 - 9 mm
Diamter:Up to 400 mm



Internal Gear

Internal Gear

Internal gearing by WITTENSTEIN alpha: whether you need straight or helical gears, we can provide you with a full range of high-precision internal toothing. Everything from a single source, including heat treatment, and with different production processes (gear shaping, broaching, skiving) and quality standards.


Tooth type:Straight, helical
Module:0.4 - 6 mm
Diamter:Up to 400 mm



Special Gearboxes

Special Gearboxes

The development of special gearboxes at WITTENSTEIN begins with an analysis of the requirements. The technical details are then clarified and solution-oriented consultancy is provided – all in close cooperation with the customer. 
The starting point for the development process is a specification which defines and prioritizes the design objectives in detail. Close consultation between the engineering team and production is a key feature of all our development activities. 
Being part of the WITTENSTEIN group, a major international player for mechatronic drive systems, allows us to provide individual gear unit solutions with a focus on the complete drivetrain system.  Our manufacturing facilities can produce a wide range of products, from prototypes and small-scale batches to series production.  

Why should you choose WITTENSTEIN?

The "Future Urban Production" facility at your disposal

Every year, 1.4 million gearwheels are manufactured at the “Future Urban Production” facility in Fellbach, Germany.  Some of our gearboxes are also made here.

The advantage for you? Every single step can be carried out on the premises: turning and milling, hard turning, cylindrical grinding, gear milling, gear shaping, generating or profile grinding and joining. We even have an in-house heat treatment line – another core process at WITTENSTEIN.

A quality assurance strategy for best-in-class gears

We check the surface hardness and hardness depth curve of every hardened batch in our own materials test lab. We can also carry out an optical analysis of the structure on an etched specimen on request. In our Class 2 precision measuring room, we make sure that every single tooth, shaft and housing conforms to the highest quality standards. Based on the results of these measurements, Engineering and Production then optimize the gear and the gearbox in consultation with the customer.

Expertise to meet your specific needs

We support you in two main ways:

Engineering your drive solution

Together with your application specialists, we identify the requirements for your drive solution. We analyse your needs in depth and check whether we can come up with an optimum result for you. If we go ahead with the development of a gearbox or complex drive solution, the result will be summarized in a specification. When all formalities have been clarified, you will receive an official, personalized offer which includes all engineering services.

Once you place an order, we will start with the engineering work immediately. During the engineering process we will remain in close contact. You will receive interim results frequently. If you would like to discuss anything more thoroughly you can contact us.

We will provide a detailed analysis of your application along with a full description of your gearing or gearbox solution. 

Optimizing your gears

Are you not happy with your gears or gearbox? We can help you to optimize your existing solution to improve noise emissions, efficiency, load capacity...

Using our experience and know-how, we will analyse your gears and come up with ways of optimizing your drive solution. Additionally, we will provide you with all the technical information you need to understand our solutions.

As a reliable partner, we aim for a cooperation based on trust and observe the necessary confidentiality when working on your projects.