alpha Basic Line − Geared up to Fit!

The gearboxes of the alpha Basic Line live up to the motto “Geared up to Fit”. The new CP, CPS, CPK and CPSK planetary and bevel gearboxes as well as the CVS and CVH worm gearboxes combine high flexibility on the drive side with optimum economy.

In conjunction with backlash less than or equal to 12 arcmin, the gearboxes are the perfect choice in machines with medium to low requirements for positioning accuracy.

  • CP planetary gearbox with smooth shaft

  • CPS planetary gearbox with replaceable B5 output flange

  • CPS planetary gearbox with long centering

  • CPK bevel gearbox with smooth shaft

  • CPSK bevel gearbox with replaceable B5 output flange

  • CPSK bevel gearbox with long centering

  • CVS worm gearbox with shaft with key

  • CVH  worm gearbox with keyed hollow shaft

cymex® 5 – Calculate on the best

With our sizing tool cymex® 5, the dimensioning and design of complete drive trains is fast, simple and reliable. Calculation is made much easier through predefined standard applications. Consideration for all major influencing factors guarantees an optimal design and increases the efficiency of your machine. 

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