Racks and pinions

Needless to say, finding the appropriate rack and pinion for the linear drive system is an essential step in realizing your machine concept. You are guaranteed to find the perfect rack-and-pinion drive in our portfolio. You can select the ideal rack for your application, depending on your demands in terms of smooth running, positioning accuracy and feed force.

The racks can be combined with INIRA®, – our simple, safe and efficient assembly solution.

Racks and pinions for many applications

Our racks and pinions include suitable solutions for almost any application. The potential uses for our rack-and-pinion systems extend from high-precision axes in manufacturing systems to packaging machines which must operate at maximum productivity in the smallest installation space. Paired with a comprehensive range of services, we pledge to support you from the initial concept design through the calculation with cymex® 5 to the installation and commissioning phase of your linear system. Additionally, we ensure a seamless supply of spare parts.

In order to meet your rack requirements, we employ flexibly adapted production processes. It goes without saying that racks for high-end applications are case-hardened to meet demanding feed force specifications and guarantee maximum system performance throughout the entire service life.

All of our pinions are supplied factory-assembled – with significant benefits for you such as perfect gear backlash adjustment between the rack and pinion, the elimination of potential fault sources and reduced time and effort for assembly.

Integrated drive systems with rack and pinion

In addition to a comprehensive range of racks and gears, we also offer you suitable servo gearboxes as well as assembly and lubricating accessories. To make it easier for you to select the right drive components, you can find preconfigured systems under alpha Linear Systems. Our cymex® 5 sizing software provides a fast way to configure and select your drive system based on your application data.