LUC+400 – lubricator

  • LUC+400 lubricator

  • Progressive distributor

  • High-pressure hose
  • Gearbox lubricating pinion

Optimum lubrication for a perfect system

To maximize machine service lives you need proper lubrication. The LUC+400 lubricator supplies the lubrication points with a precise quantity of lubricant, depending on your requirements.  

  • Fully integrable into the machine control system with pulse control and 24 V power supply
  • Use of replaceable cartridges
  • Designed for use with a splitter, progressive distributor and lubrication pinion.

If you would like to design a complete lubrication system or need CAD data, please contact your local sales engineer or 

  • Technical data
Product typeLUC+400
Weight 1)1700 g
Lubricant volume400 cm3
LubricantWITTENSTEIN alpha G11, G12, G13
Functional principlePiston pump
Operating pressureMax. 70 bar
Dispensing volume / stroke0,15 cm3
Number of outlets 1)1, 2, 3, 4
OutletRotatable right-angled hose connections 6 mm
Max. number of lubrication points with splitter / progressive distributor4 / 8 per outlet
Operating voltage24 VDC
Power consumptionImax 300 mA (IRuhe < 25 mA)
Fuse protection750 mA (slow-blow fuse)
Protection classIP 54
Operating temperature0° C bis +60° C
Control systemIntegrated, microelectronic
Pressure monitoringIntegrated, electronic (system pressure measurement)
Fill level monitoringIntegrated, reed contact
Communication interface Plug, M12x1, 4-pin
Mounting positionVertical or horizontal

1) Depending on the design

Product highlights


Ready-to-install solutions – all necessary parts are supplied


  • Very long service life of the entire drive system thanks to extremely reliable electromechanical design
  • Use of replaceable cartridges


  • Solutions tailored to your application
  • Fully integrable into the machine control system with pulse control and 24 V power supply


  • Supplies up to 32 lubrication points with progressive distributors
  • Lubricants tailored to your application