LMT-Lubrication pinion

  • Gearbox lubricating pinion
  • Lubrication pinion, left-hand toothing for rack lubrication

  • Lubrication pinion, right-hand toothing for pinion lubrication

  • LUC+400 lubricator

  • Lubricator LUC+125 

  • Progressive distributor

Optimum lubrication for a perfect system

Since high feed forces are generated with a rack and pinion drive, the open toothing must be lubricated to prevent damage. During relubrication with the PU lubrication pinion, the lubricant is continuously and automatically applied to the toothing. Lubricant is supplied as needed via a lubricator, e.g. LUC+125/400.


If you would like to design a complete lubrication system or need CAD data, please contact your local sales engineer or info@wittenstein-alpha.de

  • Technical data

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