• Splitter

  • LUC+400 lubricator

  • High-pressure hose
  • Gearbox lubricating pinion
  • Lubricator LUC+125 

Optimum lubrication for a perfect system

Distribution systems are used to distribute the lubricant supplied by the lubricator to a number of lubrication points. As a result, complete machines can be supplied centrally via one lubricator. Depending on the requirements regarding the distribution system, splitters or progressive distributors can be used.


If you would like to design a complete lubrication system or need CAD data, please contact your local sales engineer or

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DesignationHose connectionNumber of outletsHose diameter [mm]
LUS 2-0-NLstraight/plug-in26,00
LUS 3-0-NLstraight/plug-in36,00
LUS 4-0-NLstraight/plug-in46,00

Product details

How it works

Even distribution of the lubricant volume between 2, 3 or 4 outlets. (With identical counterpressure at the outlets)

Application conditions

Max. hose length between LUC+ lubricator and splitter inlet 300 mm.

  • Similar lengths must be used at the outlet (+/-10% difference).
  • Similar counterpressures at the lubrication points are needed. Cascading arrangements are not permitted.
  • Operating temperature +10 °C - +60 °C

Approved lubricants

WITTENSTEIN alpha G11, G12, G13.

  • Progressive distributors are vented with a food grade H1 grease.