alpha Advanced Line – Our drive: To become even better

For several decades now, SP planetary gearboxes have been consistently raising the bar in the market. What drives us is the desire to make these gearboxes even better – and even higher performing – with each new generation, so that they are optimally equipped to meet even the most complex customer applications and requirements.

The new product highlights of SP+ / TP+

Thanks to the optimized manufacturing and assembly processes, the following product features have now been significantly improved:

  • Connectivity of the motor shafts due to the large number of clamping hub diameters 
  • Up to 20 % more torque 
  • New binary reduction ratios (i= 8, i= 32, i= 64) 
  • Up to 30 % higher input speeds 
  • Up to 6 dB(A) lower noise level 
  • Flexible output interface, also optimized for our linear systems 

Suitable for all requirements
Each customer finds the perfect solution here for their specific application – often in combination with linear systems – whether planetary, hypoid or right-angle gearboxes and regardless of the required performance dimension. We also offer an array of solutions at the input and output.
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Save valuable assembly time:
Mounting ring for TP+ / DP+

This patented mounting ring comprises a lightweight foam ring with a set of screws arranged on it, already adapted for the hole circle on the TP+ / DP+ flange gearboxes. The screws are coated with threadlocker and corrosion protection, and are designed with the right length for the machine bed. The mounting ring is shipped completely preassembled together with the gearbox. The preselection and provision of the correct screws considerably reduces the time for assembly.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Screw calculations no longer required 
  • Lower logistics costs 
  • Shorter assembly time 
  • Fewer mounting errors 
  • No need to coat the screws with threadlocker in a separate step

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