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Rotary servo actuators

Rotary servo actuators from WITTENSTEIN alpha are dynamic and compact, and they convince with efficient precision. Servo motors and planetary gearboxes are integrated without a clutch for a unit that is flexible in use. They increase your application’s productivity and reduce energy consumption! 

Our sizing tools help you achieve the optimal design for a complete drive train including rotary servo actuators.

Rotary servo actuators from WITTENSTEIN alpha

The short installation lengths of our rotary servo actuators simplify installation in tight mounting situations such as increasingly compact robots, automatic handling systems, machine tools or filling and packaging lines. 
Thanks to our rotary servo actuators, you can expand time or space critical “bottlenecks” in your application.
Our TPM+, premo® and SPM+ / TPM+ endurance rotary servo actuators meet almost all the challenges of automation, integration and industry specifications.

The TPM+ family and its DYNAMIC, POWER and HIGH TORQUE versions adapt to the diverse dynamic requirements of your application.

premo®, the scalable servo actuator platform, is uncompromising flexibility from the user’s perspective: motors and gearboxes with graduated, application-related performance characteristics can be configured modularly to form individual units. 

Our SPM+ / TPM+ endurance servo actuators are excellent examples of the customized solutions we implement for you. Water cooled servo actuators providing maximum power density satisfy your need for significantly increased performance.

Rotary servo actuators and outstanding customer service

The highest levels of precision and power density are distinctive features of our products. For us as a progressive, family run company selling innovative products, customer service is a key success factor. From the initial idea throughout the lifecycle of your application, we are at your side as we continue to raise the bar for service quality.