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Servo right-angle gearboxes

If it needs to go around the corner... Servo right-angle gearboxes from WITTENSTEIN alpha are not simply space saving, stylish and energy efficient; they also impress with their smooth, synchronous running and precision. Even in tight mounting situations, there’s no reason why your application should be compromised. Our broad product portfolio, with several different output configurations, contains the perfect servo right-angle gearbox whatever the requirements.

WITTENSTEIN alpha’s sizing tools help you achieve the optimal design for a complete drive train and select the ideal gearbox for your individual motion profile.

Broad portfolio of servo right-angle gearboxes for the most diverse applications

WITTENSTEIN alpha’s servo right-angle gearboxes are just made for applications where space is a scarce commodity. From packaging lines to machine tools or printing presses, the range is unusually wide. A broad product portfolio is essential to meet such very diverse requirements.

Our portfolio contains a suitable solution whatever the application: worm gearboxes, for instance, are used in applications where continuous operation, high efficiency and constant torsional backlash are stipulated throughout the service life. Our bevel gearboxes, on the other hand, are a high-performance alternative for applications with low transmission ratios while our hypoid gearboxes impress with higher torque density and smooth running, even with higher ratios in one stage.

Profit from this wide range of servo right-angle gearboxes and use our diversity to your advantage.

Various output configurations enable more freedom when designing servo right-angle gearboxes

The outstanding feature of our high-performance servo right-angle gearboxes is their enormous product diversity. In addition to worm, bevel and hypoid gearboxes, our broad product portfolio also includes several different output configurations and versions. From hollow shaft through ATEX protection to special corrosion resistance – the huge range of options available gives you considerable freedom when it comes to designing your system.

We will be pleased to support you with the sizing and selection of a suitable servo right-angle gearbox and accompany you throughout the life of your application.